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In 1857, German settlers founded the first coffee plantation in the Pluma region due to the ideal climate and rich organic soil conditions needed to produce Arabica coffee beans. The Pluma Arabica coffee is considered one of the seven varietals of the Arabica coffee bean and originated in the Pluma Mountain in the 1800's. This singular variety of coffee is world renowned for its intense sweet aroma, low acidity and chocolate undertones in the cup of coffee.

Only coffee grown on Pluma Mountain with a certificate of authenticity of origin can carry the label "Caf├ę Pluma". This sets it apart from other coffee growing regions and countries which also harvest the Pluma Arabica.

Our tradition dates back to 1877 when Don Carlos Leyva founded the San Francisco coffee plantation high on a lush slope of the Pluma Mountain, located in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. To ensure that his vision of producing a deliciously smooth and well-rounded Arabica coffee would be achieved, Don Carlos grew and harvested his coffee beans using the finest traditional techniques. This unique process, which is carried out entirely by hand, is still being followed to this day. A new generation of the Leyva family keeps this vision alive through Pluma Mountain Coffee Co., founded by Don Carlos┬┤ great grandson Jose Carlos Martinez Leyva. We are proud to bring you specialty coffee from our family plantation, which we have harvested, roasted and packaged using the same traditions since 1877.

Organic Coffee